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In recent years, configure, price, quote (CPQ) has moved to the forefront in the arsenal of sales force automation tools available to sellers. The benefits of CPQ are very easy to identify: increased sales velocity, faster time to market with new products and promotions, easier sales rep onboarding, and with smarter variants of CPQ – guided selling, pricing guidance, and intelligent cross-sell/upsell. All of these benefits help reduce sales friction and improve revenue and profit realization.
Posted by Sean Cassidy on 05/25/2016

I like podcasts. I suppose it's because it feels productive while I'm unable to do much else - driving, sitting on planes, etc. There are a few I like in particular, all of which I'd recommend: From Our Own Correspondent from the BBC, Surprisingly Awesome from Gimlet Media, and This American Life, from Chicago Public Radio.
Posted by Ben Blaney on 05/20/2016

The Professional Pricing Society’s (PPS) annual spring conference in Chicago is the perfect playground for data-driven marketers, analytical pricers, and efficiency focused program managers. At the conference earlier this month, we talked about tactical methods for price improvement, discussed how to collaborate with sales, and challenged age-old economic theory.
Posted by Valerie Howard on 05/17/2016

Large global stockpiles and low crop prices have companies riding out volatility differently. While some food companies are enjoying higher profits amid a major milk surplus that sent milk costs plummeting, it’s not so easy for many ingredients and commodities manufacturers that are searching for stability to offset lower revenues due to oversupplied grain markets and lower global food prices.
Posted by Kelly Donoghue on 05/13/2016

Often the most difficult step to take in improving your pricing strategy and performance is to admit you have a problem. If we are hitting our number, pricing isn’t really the biggest concern, is it? The worry is more about building pipe to maintain momentum. What is overlooked is how an automated, data science approach to pricing can not only reduce sales friction but also drive revenue and profit growth.
Posted by Sean Cassidy on 05/10/2016

Companies continuously look for ways to leverage revenue growth by getting scalability out of the sales organization and keeping field selling costs down. Many of them now measure sales performance in terms of both revenue and profit impact. In this environment, hitting your quota is a real challenge, one that requires a mix of discipline and sales effectiveness.
Posted by Russ Chadinha on 05/04/2016

Statistics such as these underscore the reality that eCommerce capabilities will be a necessity for many B2B businesses going forward. In this new world, buyers expect that their customer experience will be the same, whether they’re interacting directly with manufacturers, partners, or reordering parts through a self-service portal.
Posted by Sean Cassidy on 04/28/2016

I've recently started playing Solitaire on my smartphone. I got it as something cerebral to do in dull moments where I might otherwise do something completely mindless. Now I'm addicted, and I just love playing. It's taken me right back to my childhood, playing with a deck of actual cards (remember those?). I can almost sense my mother's presence as I start a new game.
Posted by Ben Blaney on 04/25/2016

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