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Statistics such as these underscore the reality that eCommerce capabilities will be a necessity for many B2B businesses going forward. In this new world, buyers expect that their customer experience will be the same, whether they’re interacting directly with manufacturers, partners, or reordering parts through a self-service portal.
Posted by Sean Cassidy on 04/28/2016

I've recently started playing Solitaire on my smartphone. I got it as something cerebral to do in dull moments where I might otherwise do something completely mindless. Now I'm addicted, and I just love playing. It's taken me right back to my childhood, playing with a deck of actual cards (remember those?). I can almost sense my mother's presence as I start a new game.
Posted by Ben Blaney on 04/25/2016

Technology is shaping both business and society. It’s allowing us to be more agile and adapt to changing market dynamics. A few weeks ago I was fortunate to spend some time at the first-annual Microsoft Envision conference in New Orleans, where the program focuses on Microsoft’s overarching platform (cloud, mobility, productivity).
Posted by Valerie Howard on 04/20/2016

When you’re planning a mass price change, the basic process starts as a top-down, high-level pricing strategy. In planning your increase, you might look at a variety of global factors, such as commodities and industry-wide trends, and compare them against your product offerings, market presence and profit trends. A price change might be a way to capture increased commodities costs, for example.
Posted by Eric Petty on 04/13/2016

A recent Gartner Report: “Digital Transformation Will Require Pricing Transformation,” underscores the importance data science-driven pricing will play in the next few years; not only in finance and marketing but also on the front lines of sales. With sales force automation (SFA) now progressing beyond automation and efficiency improvements into the realm of predictive analytics, there are now a myriad of tools that can more effectively drive demand, initiate and optimize customer engagement, and even drive incentive compensation.
Posted by Sean Cassidy on 03/31/2016

Recently I was working with a large manufacturing company that just completed a pilot of its CPQ (configure, price, quote) solution. It was a four-month PROS Smart CPQ implementation and the initial pilot involved 50 sales users. The plan was to roll it out to an additional 1,000 sales users in six months. As part of the implementation, all the requirements for the full roll out were completed.

No matter what your role in the food industry, the challenges you’ve faced over the last five or six years are tough to swallow. If you’re a food manufacturer, increasing regulations, rising costs and questions about quality are having a big impact on your bottom line.
Posted by Kelly Donoghue on 03/23/2016

Last November, Amazon.com of all companies opened a brick-and-mortar book store near the University of Washington in Seattle. Rumors emanating from the commercial real estate industry hinted that many more may follow (although Amazon has remained coy on the subject). Naturally, this has led many online to question “why bother”?
Posted by Sean Cassidy on 03/15/2016

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